Saturday, January 1, 2011


I don't usually make resolutions because I find it nearly impossible to keep them. The only one I've been able to keep consistently for the past two years is my resolution to keep track of the books I read each year. I used to just keep a list in a notebook, then I had a Word document where I typed up a list, and in 2010 I used Goodreads and Shelfari. So due to my success, I've decided to make some reading and blogging resolutions for 2011.

My Reading Resolutions:

  • I will keep track of all the books I read in 2011 using Goodreads and Shelfari
  • I will read more fiction for adults
  • I will read a greater variety of books
  • I will read at least two nonfiction books this year
  • I will read at least two classics
  • I will read more literary/book discussion worthy fiction
  • I will read more POC authors
  • I will try reading a book from a genre I am not very familiar with
  • I will try to be more critical/discerning of the books that I read
  • I will sign up for reading challenges that encourage me to read outside my box
  • I will try to limit the number of challenges I participate in to no more than 20
  • I will complete the reading challenges I sign up for
  • I will do my best to read the books on my shelf that I have not yet read
  • I will not go overboard on requesting e-ARCs from NetGalley
  • I will not go overboard on signing up for ARC tours
My Blogging Resolutions:

  • I will write more book reviews
  • I will try to review every book I read
  • I will write my reviews as soon as possible after reading the book
  • I will try to improve the quality of my reviews
  • I will post at least one review each week
  • I will limit the number of memes I participate in
  • I will try to write more meaningful posts
  • I will try to write more posts about other book topics
  • I will try to blog every day
  • I will try to keep up with all the blogs I follow
  • I will participate in Bloggiesta
  • I will reorganize my blog
  • I will create pages for my blog
  • I will create a page of readalikes
  • I will try to have at least two contests this year
Wish me luck as I attempt to keep these resolutions!

What reading/blogging resolutions have you made this year?


  1. Good resolutions! Like you, I want to keep up with all the blogs I follow and leave meaningful comments in their posts!

  2. I love that you put "try" in your makes them more attainable!
    I also like the idea of a readalikes page - very fun.

    I'm also going to work on writing more reviews - even when things get busy in the "real" world.

  3. Great resloutions and Happy New Year to you

    My main goal is read the books I take recommendations from bloggers as those are the ones making my TBR list crazy :-)

  4. Wow what a list! Good luck with your resolutions, Christina. Have a great 2011 :D

  5. LOVE the book resolutions... I made a few too. Happy New Year!


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