Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 POC Reading Challenge

I have once again decided to participate in the POC Reading Challenge. This fantastic challenge encourages participants to read books written by persons of color or featuring characters that are persons of color.

There are 5 levels to this challenge:

Level 1-read 1 to 3 POC books
Level 2-read 4 to 6 POC books
Level 3-read 7 to 9 POC books
Level 4-read 10 to 15 POC books
Level 5-read 16 to 25 POC books

Last year I read 25 POC books. This year I hope to at least reach level 4 and read 10 to 15 POC books.

If you are interested in participating, visit the POC Reading Challenge blog where you will also find helpful reading suggestions.

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