Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Colorful Chick Lit Challenge

January 1-December 31, 2011

Reads4Pleasure is hosting the Colorful Chick Lit Challenge. I found out about this fun challenge from Ari at Reading in Color. I know that I am once again going overboard on the reading challenges but this one will fit nicely with the POC Reading Challenge so I decided to take the plunge and sign up. 

The goal of the challenge is to read chick lit written by women of color about women of color and to try to read a variety of POC chick lit (Indian, Asian, Latina, African American).

There are three levels to the challenge:

Novice-4 to 7 books
Amateur-8 to 11 books
Queen of Chick Lit-12 or more books

I am going to aim for the novice level to start with and see how I do from there.  I don't have my book list yet but I will hopefully find some great titles to read soon.

If you'd like to participate too, head over to Reads4Pleasure to find out more.


  1. Good luck with this fun challenge!

  2. Yes you're joining the challenge!! Oh don't worry, I'll be posting about LOTS more challenges. We need to work on our Reading Challenge Addict Anonymous campaign. I'm determined to actaully complete this one, I need to for my sanity ;)

    I'm going to focus mostly on YA but I'm going to try and sneak in some adult fiction. Which Anjali Banerjee book do you recommend I start with for adult fiction? I saw on Goodreads that you really liked Invisible Lines and I'm also leaning towards Imaginary Men... which to choose? There is

    Maya Running is MG and it's been on my TBr list for a bit, but hopefully this challenge will force me to get to it a lot sooner! I've read Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani (her one YA book) and it was decent. I wanted a little more fun from my chick lit. haha.


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