Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publication date: June 14, 2011

My review:

In this sequel to Raised By Wolves, Bryn is dealing with all the changes in her life with the pack and the revelations about herself. She is also facing new challenges when Lucas, a badly beaten young Were, turns up at her door wanting to leave his pack. The problem is that his Alpha is Bryn's enemy, Shay. If Bryn sends Lucas back to Shay, he will be killed but if she doesn't return him, it will lead to war. At the same time it appears that a new deadly enemy is involved as well. Bryn cannot turn to Callum for help. This time she is on her own and time is running out to make a decision. Will it be the well being of Lucas or the safety of the pack she loves?

Bryn is a strong protagonist but not without flaws and weaknesses.  Bryn is definitely the product of the environment she was raised in.  While Ali did her best to raise Bryn in a human way, she still thinks like a wolf though she isn't one.  It is a harsh world she is part of but she doesn't flinch away from it. Bryn has learned a lot and she shows a new level of leadership and determination here. We are also given some insight into Ali's past. The existence of psychics with special "knacks" also adds to the mystery. The new character Caroline reminded me a little of Jane from the Twilight Saga though her abilities are different and she isn't a pure villain. I hope we see more of Caroline and the others in the future, especially Jed who has a special connection with Bryn. 

While this book has a lot of action it also examines tough questions about what it means to be in a position of leadership and put others' welfare before your own. The romance also necessarily takes a backseat to the suspense. Bryn and Chase have a steady relationship free of emotional drama/love triangles which is a pleasant change from other YA paranormal fiction.

Overall while I like the first book more, I thought this was still a solid sequel to Raised By WolvesTrial By Fire raises the stakes in a suspenseful story with some surprising twists. 

Readalikes: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

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  1. I really like Bryn's strengh in Raised by Wolves and have been hoping to read this sequel. I love that you discussed how the author deals with issues of leadership and also that the romance is not the main aspect of the story. Great review!


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