Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Beginnings on Friday (13)

Book Beginnings on Friday is a new meme hosted by Becky at Page Turners. Anyone can participate; just share the opening sentence of your current read, making sure that you include the title and author so others know what you're reading. If you'd like, share with everyone why you do, or do not, like the sentence.

This week I am sharing sentences from two books. The first is an ARC I have for review that I am slowly making my way through and the second is a library book I just started reading.

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

The Iron King stood before me, magnificent in his beauty, silver hair whipping about like an unruly waterfall.

The Iron Daughter is book two in the Iron Fey series. I liked The Iron King even though the main character, Meghan Chase, sometimes annoys me. So far in The Iron Daughter I find her even more annoying but hopefully that will improve as the book goes on.

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

There are moments in life when you know things will never be the same. When you're called to the edge of adventure and given the chance to break free, uninhibited by your past, and claim the life you were meant to live. Relax. This was totally not that kind of day.

I really like this book so far. The Cinderella Society is a secret organization of young women whose goal is to empower girls to believe in themselves and live successfully. The members are interested in volunteering and making a positive difference in the world. Their enemies of course are the mean girls, referred to as Wickeds, who like to bully others. On the surface this looked like a really fluffy book but it appears to have unexpected depth.


  1. I just got The Iron King because I'd heard so much hype, hope to read it soon.
    I'd been iffy about Cinderella Society, but I love that first sentence. Might have to check it out.

  2. I loved this book actually, I won it in a contest, and I absolutly loved it. I mean what can I say girl power. LOL

  3. I have read a lot of reviews of The Iron King, but not as the Iron Daughter. Both opening lines are very catchy, they make both books sounds promising. I hope you're enjoying them

  4. I loved your pick from The Cinderella Society. Great setup for something extraordinary only to make me laugh. Funny !


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