Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading Challenges

As November winds down I decided to take stock of how I am doing in my reading challenges. I think I was crazy to sign up for 21 challenges! I have finished 11 of them but I haven't even read a single book for the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge. I haven't done a good job of reading nonfiction this year either. I don't think I will be getting through David McCullough's John Adams. I think next year I will pick short nonfiction books to read or I'll stick to cookbooks! All the same I am looking forward to signing up for some new challenges next year and even thinking about hosting my own mini challenge.

How are you doing with your reading challenges this year?


  1. I signed-up for too many challenges, too :) I've finished almost half of them, but I have a lot more & I don't think I'll manage to finish all of them, but I'll try :) I'll probably sign-up for a lot of challenges again next year :) I can't help it, I'm reading challenge addict ;)

  2. OMG! 21 challenges is crazy! Lol! I only signed up for The Story Siren's Debut author challenge - I think I will just stick with that one next year. Good luck with all your challenges. :)

  3. I have finished all but one of my challenges.

    I have to admit that I don't think I will join challenges next year. It was good, but in hindsight I think that I would get more value for coming up with my own personal book projects rather than participating in challenges

  4. 21, you crazy girl :-)

    I was new to blogging so only signed up for a few to get a feel for them. I actually just posted also about 1 am not completing. I have a poll on what book I should read this year though, if interested stop by.


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