Monday, March 8, 2010

Review #19 Sucks To Be Me

Sucks To Be Me
By Kimberly Pauley
Publication date: August 2008
My rating: ****1/2

My review:

Mina Hamilton is an ordinary teenager girl, well as ordinary as you can be with vampires for parents. Now thanks to the Northwest Regional Vampire Council finding out about her, Mina must decide within one month if she wants to be a vampire. Blood drinking really isn't her thing but Mina has to go to classes with other teens where they learn about the vampire way of life. Meanwhile Mina is dealing with crushes on two very different boys and having to keep the whole vampire thing a secret from her best friend.

Sucks To Be Me is not your typical YA vampire novel. It does not present vampirism as glamorous but instead shows how the vampires do not fit the stereotypes found in popular culture from Bela Lugosi to Twilight. Instead of the usual sexy brooding vampires, we get pudgy Uncle Mortie who gorges on fried chicken. Each chapter begins with vampire myths and facts that Mina has found out. There are also plenty of comic scenarios involving Mina's romantic life and school. The romance is sweet and there are some great moments when Mina gets to be a typical teen going on dates or talking about boys with her best friend Serena. The other teens who are thinking of "turning" are also interesting characters, particularly George and Raven. I loved Mina's friendships with Serena and George and how she cared about making the right decision. While she does get upset with her parents at times it is very clear that she loves them and they love her.

This is an incredibly funny book that made me laugh out loud several times, which was rather embarrassing when I was reading in public places. If you are looking for humor, romance, and a dash of the paranormal, pick up Sucks To Be Me. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Great review! I definitely need to check this book out!

  2. I have read two revies of this one, and they both were great. Gotta pit this one on my list. :)

  3. Great review. This book looks really cute. Would you say it's geared toward middle school? I am definitely putting this one on my TBR pile!

  4. I love atypical books, and atypical is what I need when it comes to vampire books after reading so many.

  5. I would say it would be geared for teens rather than middle schoolers. Some of the teens do some partying and drinking (nothing major but it is there)and Mina's uncle takes her to vampire bars.

  6. You know, I won a copy of this one in a contest, but I wasn't thinking it would be all that great. In the last few weeks though, several bloggers I follow have given it good reviews. I might have to bump it up a few slots in my TBR pile. Thanks for the review! :)

  7. Thanks for the wonderful review. I really want to read this especially if it's funny, like you said above.

  8. Okay so you know I won't be reading this... **soooo grossed out by vampires**, but it's always nice to read what you have to say about the books you're reading. I can see your personality shining right through on your blog and I love it. :)


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