Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review #4 My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save
By Rachel Vincent
Publication date: December 29, 2009

My Review:

In this sequel to My Soul to Take, Kaylee, her boyfriend Nash, and his brother Tod are at a concert when the singer suddenly collapses to the stage. Kaylee is a bean sidhe and she screams uncontrollably when someone around her is about to die. But this time Kaylee is silent-because the singer has no soul. She sold it to a hellion for fame and glory and she isn't the only one. When Tod finds out that his ex-girlfriend singer Addison Page has also sold her soul and has days to live, he begs Kaylee to help him save Addison. But saving Addison will be extremely dangerous and difficult-Kaylee and Nash will have to travel to the Netherworld and track down the hellion to bargain for Addison's life before her time runs out.

This was a quick and suspenseful read with the romance taking a backseat to the main story. One thing I did not like about the romance aspect is that Kaylee keeps questioning why Nash would want to be with her (reminded me of a certain other teen paranormal romance heroine). Thankfully the novel focuses on the race to save Addison's soul. There is greater explanation of Kaylee's, Tod's, and Nash's abilities and the concept of the Netherworld is intriguing. Kaylee's desire to help people regardless of personal danger was very touching. Overall if you are looking for a good paranormal romance/escape novel then you will not be disappointed with My Soul to Save. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series, My Soul to Keep.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this title for review.


  1. Thanks for linking me to your review, Christina! I stopped reading half way through, though, I thought some of it was slightly spoilerish. I'll wait to see what happens in the book, and come back! :)

  2. Thanks for the review. I have this book sitting on my desk, waiting to be read.

  3. I smiled when I read what you said about a certain heroine questioning why her boyfriend wants to be with her. (You were talking about Bella Swan, weren't you? If you were, I agree...that did get pretty annoying throughout the series. Just accept he wants to be with you Bella! Have some self-esteem!)

    I haven't read any of this series, so I skipped over some of your review to avoid spoiling the book. I plan on reading the series, though. And My Soul to Keep is the next book I'm going to read.

  4. i haven't read this series because it just didn't look all to interesting to me but I think you sold me! great review!


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