Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Top Ten Christmas Movies

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. There is a new subject each week and this week's theme is "Top Ten Movies".

Since I am currently participating in the Ho Ho Ho Readathon, I decided to list my favorite holiday movies. Of course some of these "movies" on my list are technically TV specials but I considered them movies as a kid and I watch them every year so they are on my list. If you are wondering why A Christmas Story is not on my list, it is because to my knowledge I have never watched it. I know, right? Maybe this Christmas...

White Christmas

I started watching this one annually when I was in my late teens. My sister and I got a kick out of the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye take on Sisters. We used to sing along and hit each other with couch cushions. I think the part where we got to hit each other was a big part of the appeal! Now I just enjoy it as a funny and sweet movie set during the Christmas season. I love the song White Christmas though every year I pray we will not have snow at Christmas where I live.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

It doesn't feel like Christmas till I've watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. I love Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, the pageant rehearsal and Linus's speech. It is my favorite Charlie Brown special. Now that I own the DVD I watch it more than once each Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)

I have always loved this classic story and it is another one that I watch every single Christmas. We even had a Grinch ornament for our family Christmas tree. I think Max is my favorite character, poor dog :)

The Polar Express

I wasn't really familiar with this story until an animated version was made but I found it to be charming. I don't watch it every year but I try to if I get the chance. I'm hoping it'll be on Netflix this Christmas.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I loved this story as a child so I was very happy when a film version was made 11 years ago. I took my mom and sister to see it in the theater at Christmas time. Now I try to watch it every year. 

While You Were Sleeping

I first saw this when I was a freshman at college and every year since, I like to watch it at Christmas at least once. There is just something I love about this movie!

Christmas with the Kranks

I remember being surprised when John Grisham wrote a Christmas story but I read it anyway and really liked it. I think the movie is just as good and it is another movie I watch every year at Christmas. 

Home Alone

I loved this movie as a young teen and watched it several times. I think I was cured of my joy when my younger cousin Shaun made us watch it with him over and over again. After many years, I watched it last year and enjoyed it though I doubt it will become an annual tradition again.

Last Holiday

I have watched this many many times. While it is a little over the top in the "cheesy" department, I still think it is a mostly funny movie and I plan to watch it again this year.

It's a Wonderful Life

I feel kind of funny putting this on my list considering that I've probably only watched the entire movie once. Every year I start out watching it but it is so long that I usually don't stick around for the end. I enjoy the happier parts more anyway :)

Honorable mention:

Christmas in Connecticut

I've only seen this one once at the recommendation of a friend who loves classic movies. I thought it was a fun comedy.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

I first watched this as a kid. I'm surprised my parents let us watch it but we all thought it was funny. 

Frosty the Snowman

I hate snow but I always enjoyed this sweet cartoon movie.


  1. Charlie Brown and Narnia...how can you go wrong with those ones!

  2. I loved the cartoon of Frosty the Snowman growing-up! I watched it every year and occasionally reminisce when it is on ABC Family.

  3. Last Holiday is one of my FAVORITES! I can watch it over and over again! Great Top Ten :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

  4. I cannot wait to start watching all these holiday movies!! I have to watch White Christmas every year - I bought it on DVD just to make sure. :-)

  5. It's A Wonderful Life is one of my favorites as is White Christmas. I love the "Sisters" song too. So funny! National Lampoon's is a favorite in my house and I loved Home Alone as a kid. I should watch Last Holiday again this year...it's been awhile! Great list, Christina! You have me in the mood for the holidays now!

  6. I watch White Christmas every year on the day of christmas. It makes my heart smile and feel like home.

  7. I love this whole list, so where to start? White Christmas is one of my favorite movies, and I watch it at least once every holiday season. Love it. And Sisters- yes. Nuff said. I love the Danny Kaye and Vera number too. A Charlie Brown Christmas is of course wonderful. Love it when Charlie and Linus go tree shopping, and Linus' speech.

    The Grinch is great, and I thought they did a really good job with that Narnia adaptation. And Home Alone is a holiday classic- perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas movie watching.

  8. I loved Home Alone. I'll watch it anytime!

  9. Oh! I LOVE Christmas movies!! National Lampoons is a must watch every year, as is While You Were Sleeping, The Grinch, Home Alone, and Charlie Brown. I watched White Christmas last year for the very first time, and it's now a fave as well. I love your list!!


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