Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fit Readers Weekly Check In

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This is my first weekly check in as I just joined the challenge last Sunday. I am not tracking my steps as I don't have a Fitbit or other pedometer (yet). I had hoped to work out three days a week but I only managed two because on the third day I planned to work out my muscles were too sore and I couldn't finish. I am really out of shape so I am taking it slow. I guess a 1/2 hour low impact aerobics workout two days this week was better than nothing :)

Next week I am going to try to exercise more often and maybe I can fit in a workout midweek. This spring and summer I will hopefully be able to take a walk on my lunch break at work which will also help. I am also researching FitBit and other pedometers to see if there is something that would work for me. I would like something that takes other exercise (besides walking/running) into account since I can't exactly go on long walks any time soon (unless I pace inside my apartment or go visit my parents and walk on their treadmill). 

Do you use a FitBit? What do you recommend?


  1. Great work! I don't have a FitBit, but they sure are popular these days.

  2. It must be difficult in winter weather that is for sure. Two days is good and great that you are taking up the challenge. I got a Fitbit One after talking around with bloggers, especially Teddyree (Sheree) over at The Eclectic Reader. It's good and I enjoy checking that I am mostly making my goal amount of steps each day. However it isn't really essential just and added incentive.

  3. Christina you did great!! Getting in an aerobics workout 2 days a week is huge! I'm still just walking, walking and occasional swimming. I have to say I love my fitbit (I have the Fitbit One) like Kathryn said it's just that extra motivation and incentive seeing your steps and I like being able to cheer each other on with the click of a button. You can add different exercise into the app (like swimming) even though the fitbit doesn't track it as steps. And hey I've paced my hallway while on the phone on many occasions, I figure it's got to be better than not moving lol


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