Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Cover News!

I don't know how I managed to miss this but the cover of Heartless by Gail Carriger was revealed yesterday! Here it is in all its purple glory:

What do you think of it?

This is what Gail Carriger had to say about it on her blog:

"This is possibly my favorite cover, I like how light-hearted it is. Alexia looks almost coy. I think that ties into the comedy of manners side of things more strongly than some of the previous covers, of course it is also less steampunk. Now the fact that Alexia has her back to the camera and that Woolsey castle is in the background ties beautifully into the story. And of course, how can I frown when they put her in a teeny tiny puce colored bowler?"
I do love the purple bowler hat! I've always been fascinated by castles so I'm glad that is in the background as well. I can't wait to read Heartless!

The other big book cover reveal I'm excited about:

This is such a fun series and I love how this cover matches the other cover. It looks like this time Kat has her eyes set on a jewelry heist (the supposedly cursed Cleopatra Emerald). Should be a great adventure!



  1. Right after I posted my Wow for Heartless I found the new cover too. I so cannot wait for this book. I love this series so much it hurts.

    I am also excited that Carter has a new Heist Society novel coming out. I enjoyed the first one and so have my students.

    Thanks for spreading the word on both these books.

  2. Love the Aly cover. But not sure about the first one. I have a thing about weird neck angles.


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