Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrate National Library Week!

This week is National Library Week, a time to celebrate libraries, librarians, and the services they provide for our communities. At the library you can check out books, magazines, movies, and CDs, use the Internet, find information, work on resumes, attend programs, learn a new hobby, or just hang out with friends. Libraries are important resources. If you haven't been to your library recently, take the time to stop in and see all that it has to offer.

Things have been really difficult all around the country with cuts in library funding resulting in cutbacks in purchasing books and other materials, reduced pay for staff, layoffs, and closings. So please support your local library. Some ways you can support your library: check out books and other materials (those statistics count!), donate used books to library book sales, attend library programs, or join your local Friends of the Library group.

Tomorrow is National Library Workers Day and I will be featuring some of my favorite librarian blogs. Also be sure to stop by my blog on Thursday for Support Teen Literature Day.

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