Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review #17 The Blue Enchantress

The Blue Enchantress
By Marylu Tyndall
Publication date: August 2009

My review: 

In the second book of the Charles Towne Belles series, Hope Westcott finds herself in dire straits after running away with Lord Falkland, the love of her life. Instead of her happy ending, Hope is abandoned on the island of St. Kitts until rescue comes in the unexpected form of Captain Nathaniel Mason. Nathaniel vows to help Hope return to Charles Towne even though he wants to throttle her for the predicament she has put him in. He sees Hope as nothing more than a manipulative flirt and temptress. Hope is determined to change her ways but there is an evil malice that wants to destroy Hope and Nathaniel and a dangerous foe in their midst.

The Blue Enchantress is an adventurous story filled with romance, danger, and faith. Hope at first is an unlikeable character as she continues to use her flirt and throw herself at men but as the novel went on and she began to change and the reader gained an understanding into her painful past I started to like her more and more. It is sad to see the way that others treat Hope as though she is worthless, especially those in society. Nathaniel is an admirable and courageous man who is still coming to grips with his own past and as such he finds it hard to forgive Hope or believe in her. Hope's newfound friend Abigail is a brave young woman whose faith encourages Hope, Nathaniel, and the others they travel with. Hope's transformation is inspiring and even though I still like her sister Faith (from the first novel) more, Hope becomes a likeable character by the end of the book and I wanted to see her get a happy ending.

I really enjoyed The Blue Enchantress. At first I thought I wouldn't like this novel and I did put it off to the side for awhile when I found Hope annoying but I am glad that I continued. There is a strong message of faith and redemption as well as a page turning story. I continue to be a fan of Marylu Tyndall's Christian fiction novels and I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series, The Raven Saint.


  1. It sounds like the characters in this book are well-drawn. I love it when an author pays close attention to their characters it makes you connect to the story all the more. Good job with your review

  2. Gotta love character-driven reads!

    Excellent review, glad you enjoyed Blue en


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