Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am not Anonymous

I apologize to anyone with a Blogger blog who posts comments on my memes from yesterday or today. I cannot respond because according to Blogger, I am "Anonymous". So while I can create my own posts and update my blog I have not been able to comment on any other Blogger blog posts. Hopefully this issue will be fixed. It is really frustrating to type out a comment on someone's review or post and not be able to actually post it.


  1. That's really annoying. Hope you get the problem fixed! :)

  2. I ran into this problem at one point too! I ended up switching web browsers from Firefox to Safari and that helped on some blogs. Then there'd be some where I still couldn't for a while. Double check your settings, but if everything seems legit, it can often be a problem on blogger's end or on the other person's blog settings. Sorry friend, I know it's frustrating!


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