Friday, December 17, 2010

Review: Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice
By Richelle Mead
Publication date: December 7, 2010

My review:

Last Sacrifice is the final novel in the Vampire Academy series. The previous book, Spirit Bound, ended with a major cliffhanger so I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. For the most part, Last Sacrifice did not disappoint. There is plenty of action, romance, and a few plot twists thrown in but my favorite part of course was the interaction between Rose and Dimitri.

Rose has really grown as a character over the course of the series from someone I didn't think I'd like to one of my favorite paranormal fiction heroines. She still makes mistakes but she shows some maturity particularly in regards to Dimitri. Lissa also matures during this book as she faces some major challenges. I was happy to see the direction that the story took both main characters. 

Last Sacrifice also lays groundwork for the spinoff series and leaves some questions unanswered. I think that was the one minor weakness with the book. It suffered a little towards the end of the story as a result. Overall I was pleased with the conclusion of this series. I will miss reading about Rose and Dimitri but I am looking forward to Richelle Mead's new series which will hopefully arrive next year. 

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