Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Page to Screen Reading Challenge

After all the fun I had with participating in reading challenges, I have decided to host my own for 2011! I love watching movies that are based on books and I've even decided to read books after seeing movie trailers that looked promising like The Lord of the Rings and Atonement.

I decided to hold The Page to Screen Reading Challenge to encourage people to read books and watch movies that are based on books.  


  • One participant will win their choice of book worth up to $15 from Amazon.com or The Book Depository (for international participants in countries that Book Depository ships to). 
  • Participants must reach reading level one (5 books) by December 31, 2011  to be entered in the drawing.
  • Reviews are not required but each review you post will give you an extra entry. So be sure to link your reviews!


  • Read books that were made into movies or T.V. shows
  • Books must be read between January 1-December 31, 2011
  • Rereads count!
  • You can also watch the movies/T.V. shows as part of the challenge but it is not a requirement
  • If you watch T.V. shows, you should watch 2 hours of the show to be equal to one movie
  • Books that are currently being made into movies also count as long as the movie will be released sometime in 2011
  • Make a post about the challenge using my challenge logo and link your post below to sign up 
  • As stated above, reviews of the books/movies you watch/read are not required but they count as extra prize entries!
  • Make a wrap up post at the end of the challenge and link it to my wrap up post 

Reading Levels:

  • Level one-Read 5 books that were made into movies/T.V. shows
  • Level two-Read 10 books that were made into movies/T.V. shows 
  • Level three-Read 15 books that were made into movies/T.V. shows
  • Level four-Read 20 books that were made into movies/T.V. shows 

Reading and Watching Levels:

  • Level one-Read 5 books made into movies/T.V. shows and watch the movies/shows
  • Level two-Read 10 books made into movies/T.V. shows and watch the movies/shows
  • Level three-Read 15 books made into movies/T.V. shows and watch the movies/shows
  • Level four-Read 20 books made into movies/T.V. shows and watch the movies/shows

To sign up, create a post about the reading challenge and enter your post link in Mr. Linky


  1. Great idea for a challenge :) I'm already planning to read lots of books that are made into movies & tv series, so I'll definitely sign-up!

  2. Sounds great! Can't wait to figure out what I'm going to read/watch.

  3. Great idea for a challenge! I've already been checking out movie releases for next year and deciding what I want to read beforehand.

  4. This is a great idea for a challenge. Count me in!

  5. Sorry for the 2nd post but I couldn't get the mister linky to add me in it. Here is the link to my blog post:


  6. I already read a ton of these kind of books so I'm totally in! =D

  7. I just noticed I double linked - I have no idea how that happened! SORRY! LOL!

  8. I really shouldn't join another challenge, but I couldn't resist this one! It just looks way too fun. Thanks for hosting - I can't wait to get started :)

  9. I didn't realize "True Grit" was a book. And the new Pirates of the Caribbean is supposedly based on the book "On Stranger Tides." This challenges has lots of great possibilities. Thanks for hosting it!

  10. I am in, thank you for helping keep on track with my reading goals. I so need accountability!

  11. Ack! Instead of putting the link to my post, the link to my blog was added. Would it be possible for you to delete number thirty on the linky-list? (That's the one I signed up under.)

    I apologize--this is the second time this has occurred to me.

  12. Love this challenge! Thanks for hosting.

  13. Just posted my first review: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - hop on over to the January reviews to read it!

  14. Finished my first one: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest! Let me know when the page for February reviews is ready.

  15. I just found out about this challenge -- can I include books I reviewed in January or do I have to start with February? I'm sure I can complete level 2, maybe even Level 3 or 4!

  16. I am totally impressed by the number of challenges you're undertaking this year! But how did you get all the widgets for your blog? I have one, from Goodreads, but I'd love to have one for all the challenges I'm doing.

  17. I was just about to start the same challenge - glad I found yours first! :)

  18. Ooo!Fun! I am in..! Though i was wondering...before i heard about the challenge i read and watched a Harry Potter earlier this year? Would that count? Also can i count book i read in other challenges for this?

  19. Was wondering would Buffy the Vampire Slayer count?

  20. Now I can meld two of my biggest obsessions! Great idea for a challenge!

  21. Would the third book in the Game of Thrones series count? That book is not a tv series yet but they're working their way to it.

  22. will you be doing a 2012 version of this challenge?


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