Monday, January 25, 2010

Reading Challenges

To help me reach my reading goals I have decided to sign up for some reading challenges. I haven't done a reading challenge since I was a kid reading for free pizza in the Book It program so this should be interesting. There are so many different types of challenges to choose from like the cat challenge (reading books about cats or with the word cat in the title, etc.) or the read your name challenge where you read books that start with the letters of your name (if I really wanted to challenge myself I'd use my 12-letter last name for that one). So far I have decided to attempt fourteen reading challenges. Some of the challenges will not be that difficult but others like the 18th and 19th Century Women Writers challenge will be harder to complete.

If I complete every reading challenge I attempt this year I have decided that I will reward myself with a big purchase from at the end of the year. Let the reading commence!

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