Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Hidden

By Sophie Jordan
Published: September 11, 2012

My review:

In this finale to the Firelight series, Cassian's sister Miram has been caught by the Enkros and the only way to free her is for Jacinda to fake capture and break her out from the inside with help from Cassian, Will, and Tamra. Jacinda must decide what her future holds and what part Will, Cassian, and the pride play in it. The fate of the pride weighs on her even as Will pushes her to walk away from her past and be free.

Hidden is a fast paced story brimming with action, romance, and unexpected revelations. I think the pacing definitely seemed faster compared to Vanish. There is still time devoted to character development but there are some parts that would have been better if things were slowed down so readers could process what was happening or get to know new characters better. These are just minor issues as the focus of the story is on the resolution of the threat to the draki. Jacinda's romantic dilemma seems to be pretty much resolved by the beginning of the book though she and Will still have their issues. 

I think Jacinda has become a more caring and responsible character as the series has progressed. She is definitely stepping into the role of a leader and so is Tamra. It is nice to see the two sisters become closer. There are some moving moments between them. It was also good to see Tamra develop into a stronger character. The romance factor was definitely there as Will and Jacinda's relationship heated up, something that was missing from the previous book. Even Tamra got a love interest though it felt kind of forced or rushed. 

I do wish there had been some more development with the new character and maybe that we'd learned more about the Enkros. Still, I thought this was a good conclusion to the series. It wrapped up the story lines nicely and ended on a positive note. I hope that Sophie Jordan will write more YA fiction in the future.


  1. So fast paced! I flew through it and I ended up really happy with the way things ended. I'm also interested to see what Jordan might serve up next for the YA community.

  2. another awesome cover. i've read a lot of her historicals and liked them, i'm glad her ya is good too!


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