Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: The Golden Lily

The Golden Lily
By Richelle Mead
Published: June 12, 2012

My review:

In this sequel to Bloodlines, Sydney's life at Amberwood grows more complicated as she deals with Jill's new roommate, the dhampir Angeline, who has difficulties adjusting. She also faces changes in her social life as she experiences "normal" teenage things like dating and a school dance all while juggling her duties as an Alchemist and trying to avoid her feelings for a certain Moroi. Most importantly a new threat arises with humans that appear to be hunting vampires.

The Golden Lily is a fantastic second book in this series. It had all the elements I enjoyed from Bloodlines as well as romance. I liked finding out more about the Alchemists and magic. While I found some of the surprises to be predictable I still thought this book was a page turner. Sydney continues to grow as a character and by the end of this book I think her views have changed quite a bit not only concerning vampires and dhampirs but also magic and the Alchemists. I think it is good that she is questioning her beliefs and that is something that teens can relate to even without the paranormal parameters. Adrian also experiences growth as a character and I like him more than ever. The slowly developing romance with Sydney is very sweet. 

Jill annoyed me at times throughout the book but then she has always reminded me of Lissa who I found annoying in the Vampire Academy series. Fans of Dimitri will enjoy seeing him here though he remains a secondary character. I am not sure if he will be in book three but I am sure he will continue to make appearances in this series. The one character I remain curious about is Eddie's roommate Micah. Hopefully we will have more answers in the next book.

I thought I was done with vampire novels but I make an exception for these books because they aren't like Twilight or books of that ilk. The books always have mysteries to solve, romance, strong but flawed characters, and are set in an interesting world. I am pleased to find myself enjoying this series nearly as much as the Vampire Academy series. I think it helps to have a heroine who is human and easier to relate to and characters that have more depth. Richelle Mead continues to build upon the world she created with The Vampire Academy and I can't wait to read what happens in The Indigo Spell


  1. You have me so excited for this book. I need to go out and buy a copy, especially since you enjoyed it so much. I love that you are liking it as much as Vampire Academy- I miss that series so much! Great review, Christina!

  2. You said the magic phrase, "because they aren't like Twilight." That's one of the reasons why I tend to scorn vampire books-fear of them being like Twilight. I still don't know if I'll give these books a try but I'm much less prejudiced against them now.

  3. sounds like another great series from this author!

  4. I just skimmed through your review (I still need to read Bloodlines), but it sounds like a good sequel! Glad that Mead's doing a good job with her spinoff series :)

  5. I skimmed too as I haven't read Bloodlines yet (I loved the Vampire Academy series) but so glad The Golden Lily is a fantastic 2nd book.


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