Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: The Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter
By Julie Kagawa
Publication date: August 1, 2010

My review:

This sequel to The Iron King starts with Meghan staying at the Winter Court, fulfilling the bargain she made with Prince Ash for his help rescuing her brother. Meghan is miserable  and brokenhearted because now Ash acts like he doesn't care about her at all. She is also worried about her fate because Queen Mab hates her. Then when it is time for King Oberon to pass the Scepter of the Seasons to Mab, the Iron Fey attack, stealing the scepter and murdering a member of the Winter Court. Unfortunately Mab refuses to believe it was the work of the Iron Fey but instead accuses King Oberon and the Summer Court of treachery. Now Meghan and Ash with the help of Puck, Grimalkin, and an unexpected ally race to get the Scepter back before there is war.

The Iron Daughter started out as an annoying book because of Ash's treatment of Meghan and her whining. Thankfully once the action started, the story improved, especially when Puck showed up. There are some new characters introduced, most notably Leanansidhe and Ash's horrid brother, Rowan. I also liked the mystery behind the Iron Fey and figuring out Meghan's connection to them. There were some developments there that I hope will be explored in greated depth in The Iron Queen.

I had hoped that Meghan's character would have developed more from the first book but unfortunately that was not the case. She can be a strong female character some of the time and she displays intelligence and courage but then she turns around and whines, particularly about her relationship with Ash. Still, the story was interesting enough to keep me engaged and the ending suggests that The Iron Queen will be even better. Overall minus the relationship angst I thought this was a solid sequel. Members of Team Ash and Team Puck should both find something to like.

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  1. Nice review! Lol, I guess her whining must be a bit excessive to be annoying ;)

  2. While I'm not reading the Iron King yet (which I always tell it to others whenever I write comments on Iron Daughter) I really like the storyline. Thanks for the review!

  3. In a way your review is a bit of a let down for me. I really enjoyed The Iron King, but I am worried that I will find Meghan one of those characters who I begin to dislike because I really do not like whinny girls. Thanks for the great review.

  4. Excellent review! I need to try this series.

  5. Very nice review, Christina! I like it especially because it really lets me know what to expect. Meghan as a character (strangely) was one of the +'s for me with THE IRON KING :P So if her whining about Ash is the only big thing, that doesn't sound so bad! But yeah, Ash will probably get on my nerves too!
    Great review, and I hope netgalley puts up THE IRON QUEEN eventually!

  6. I love dropping in and reading your blog. Your reviews are insightful and honest. You do such a great job! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions of funny books- a few are on the way and should be here in time for my vacation. Have a great weekend!


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