Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Monday, What Are You Reading (92)

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a fun weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey where we share what we've read and reviewed over the past week and what we plan to read next.

After a bit of a reading slump during the first part of the month, I finally finished my first book for this year. It was not Legend but Cinder by Marissa Meyer and what a way to start off reading in 2012! Now I hope to catch up during the rest of the month. I've got two books to read for my book discussion group in the next couple of weeks, books for review, and some others I've picked up and look forward to reading.

Books read:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I was surprised by how much I loved Cinder. It was the perfect book to pull me out of my reading slump.  I thought it was a fantastic and creative retelling of Cinderella with a science fiction twist. 

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

I finally finished The Iron Knight and I have to admit that the book got better once Ash's quest was really underway. I still think The Iron Queen is the best book in the series.

The Other Guy's Bride by Connie Brockway

This book started out really well with a feisty heroine and great chemistry between her and the hero. Unfortunately I was disappointed with it in the end.

Sita's Ramayana by Samhita Arni

This is a graphic novel retelling of the Ramayana from the point of view of the heroine Sita. I liked the story and the illustrations were well done. They reminded me of classical Indian art. 

Books reviewed:

Lovetorn by Kavita Daswani

Currently reading:

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

While I prefer the Becky Bloomwood books (except for the newest one), this one has me laughing out loud already. Poppy is quite a character.

Legend by Marie Lu

I wasn't really in the mood to read Legend last week but hopefully I will get back to it this week. So far I think Divergent is the better book.

What I plan to read next:

The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman

This sounds like such a tragic and romantic story.  The main characters are a Jewish couple torn apart during WWII and each believes the other has died but fate may give them another chance.

Little Women and Me by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

After reading Little Women last month, I am ready to return to the March household through this interesting YA book where a modern teen finds herself pulled into the book and she hopes to make some changes to the story while she is there...


  1. The Lost Wife looks FANTASTIC - and I actually enjoyed The Iron Prince, even though I'm not a big Ash fan - but then I'm a sucker for anything that has quests in it!

  2. I want to read the new Sophie Kinsella book so bad! So glad to hear it's making you laugh - that's promising. While I like the Shopaholic books, Twenties Girl is my favourite of her's under the Kinsella name.

  3. The Lost Wife was recently recommended to me so I'll be interested to hear what you think! It sounds great though. :)

  4. I like to see what you think of The Lost Wife. Sounds a good story.

  5. Cinder is on my TBR list - I've been seeing it on lots of blogs. :-)
    Looks like well after you got through your slump. The Lost Wife does look good. Enjoy your week.

  6. I loved Cinder too, it surprised me how much and I added The Lost Wife to my wishlist last week after seeing a wonderful review for it.
    Have a great week and happy reading :)

  7. I am laughing now because so many blogs I have looked at for this meme either have just read Cinder or they are about too... including me! :)

  8. I have "The Other Guy's Bride" from the library right now. Hoping I like it :) Now I'm kind of concerned about the ending :(

  9. Wow-you had a good reading week! I'm most interested in Sita's Ramayana for another perspective on the story that I enjoyed so much!

  10. I thought Divergent was great, and I've been looking at Legend. Sorry to hear it's not quite the book I'd hoped.

    Here is my It's Monday! What Are You Reading? I hope you will stop by!

  11. The Lost Wife looks great! I can't wait to read your review of that! I am intrigued by Little Women and Me! I love LW! I'll check it out! Happy Reading for you!

  12. Cinder was a great book, wasn't it? Legend is very good, although I don't think it's up to par with some other dystopians (like Divergent).

  13. Cinder seems to be surprising a lot of people

    Have a great reading week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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